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Eredar The Shadow Demon Item Build Guide and Strategy

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Eredar The Shadow Demon Item Build Guide and Strategy. Eredar the Shadow Demon Guide, Strategy & Build. Eredar is a help for the Intelligence heroes on the Scourge. This post will provide you with the Shadow Demon Skill Description, the Eredar Guide, the Shadow Demon Strategy, Eredar Item Build and Eredar the Shadow Demon Skill Build.

ong before the war of the Scourge and the Sentinel, an ancient demon named Eredar waged war on all creation. No champion of Light could match him, but he was betrayed and killed by his own underlings. However, the faintest sliver of his shadow survived; over the millenia Eredar regained a portion of his former being and grows stronger each day, but in a twist of fate his new form was that of a gnoll. Eredar’s new form is not well suited to direct confrontation, but he knows a number of objurations and tricks to deal with his foes; his skills include banishment, poison, curses, and darker demonic arts.


Furion The Prophet Item Build Guide and Strategy

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

DotA2 – Furion The Prophet Item Build Guide and Strategy. The land is never safe. Furion, Therefore Never Rests. The leader of all Night Elves, Furion tirelessly works to protect the Sanctity of His woods. It comes as no surprise That Would Be Called upon he who helped defeat Archimonde more ounces in the Sentinel’s hour of need. The fury of nature is at his disposal, as the trees to life at His command, and the Wind Carries Him to lands far away, strikes all who defy his will and nature Itself. He is More Than Just a Keeper or a Prophet, he is a savior.


Ymir The Tuskar Item Build Guide and Strategy

Monday, April 4, 2011

Ymir the Tuskar Item Build, Guide and Strategy. Ymir is a Strength hero which added to the Sentinel in DotA 6.70. This post will provide you with the Tuskarr Skill Description, the Tuskarr Guide, the Tuskarr Strategy, the Tuskarr Item Build and the Ymir the Tuskarr Skill Build.

Main Attribute: Strength
Alliance: Sentinel
Agility: 23 + 2.1
Intelligence: 18 + 1.7
Strength: 23 + 2.3
Starting Armor: 3
Movement Speed: 305
Attack Range: Melee


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